Paul Gross is the co-founder and CEO at Remora. While at Yale, he conducted experimental research that uncovered solutions to collective action problems like political polarization and the climate crisis. Remora got started when he read a dissertation on mobile carbon capture written by his co-founder, Christina, and convinced her to quit her job as a scientist at the EPA. Then, he recruited his co-founder, Eric, a mechanic-turned-engineer who built hydrogen and electric semi-trucks for some of the world's largest automotive companies.

Paul joins me today to discuss how he convinced his co-founder to quit her government job to join a two person startup. We also talk about the various reasons that the environmental industry is seeing growth as of late. Paul shares his opinion on the future of carbon capture devices regarding size and standards.

“I don't think everyone needs to do that science, because I've already come across so many scientists who are blocked at that point of having an idea, but not being able to start a company around it.” - Paul Gross

Today on Startups for Good we cover:

  • Developing judgement for good science when reading theses
  • Creating a systematic approach when seeking new idea
  • Carbon capture vs. catalytic converter
  • Finding first adopters of the technology
  • When investors share your mission
  • How to build culture within an organization
  • Their first round capital raise with investors like Lower Carbon Capital and Union Square Ventures
  • Working with major fleet companies like Ryder

Books and podcasts discussed in this episode: Startup School

Connect with Paul at Remora Carbon, on Twitter or send him an email at

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