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Giving Circle

Don’t just listen.  Get engaged.

The Startups for Good community supports startup tech nonprofits through our giving circle.

What’s the startup tech nonprofit?

  • Startup = new and seeking to grow
  • Tech = using software to scale with lower to zero marginal cost
  • Nonprofit = organized as a public charity (a 501c3 in the US)

Why does it matter?

Examples of large, established tech nonprofits include:

  • Tech Infrastructure: Mozilla who makes the Firefox browser and other internet infrastructure
  • Knowledge: Wikipedia
  • Government: Code for America
  • Education: &  Khan Academy
  • Healthcare: Medic Mobile powers Living Goods and other community help workers

How does the giving circle work?

  • Sign up as a member making a recurring donation of $20/month or what you can afford
  • We will focus on newer or startup tech nonprofits to provide the initial "angel funding" to help them get off the ground.
  • We will vote on a nonprofit recipient of our grant approximately quarterly.
  • All donations are US tax deductible

Who knows? The startup tech nonprofit you fund may be on Startups for Good one day!

Sign up here.