Mitchell is a founder with the goal of helping all people to better save and invest for their financial future. He believes that with the right nudge (and a little help from software) his company can help people do the right thing and make money a bit less stressful. Mitchell is an Ex Facebook and Dropbox, product manager, a Yale University graduate, and a proud Ohioan by origins.

Mitchell joins me today to discuss his founder path from Yale, Facebook, Parable and now Lendtable. I open the podcast by asking why people don’t take advantage of the free retirement money their businesses offer them. Mitchell explains how pensions are a thing of the past and how the individual is now fully responsible to make all investing decisions.

“I still always knew that before I was able to start a company I needed to know how to build, I needed to be a student of the game” - Mitchell Jones

Today on Startups for Good we cover:

  • What needs to be acknowledged as a startup
  • What assumption should be challenged as a startup founder
  • Actions that need to be taken to change the opportunity of who gets to be a founder
  • The type of person who typically gets VC dollars
  • The benefit of accelerators for first time entrepreneurs
  • How to create FOMO in the investor
  • Why story is so important

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