Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who brings a wealth of experience in the climate tech industry and has served in multiple executive roles in clean energy, waste repurposing, and venture capital. He also serves as an advisory board member to a Bay Area biotech company. Jeff completed his master’s thesis on economics in PHA production, and is the co-inventor of Full Cycle technology. His zeal for tackling plastic pollution and food waste makes him a force for change.

Jeff joins me today to discuss how he got into plastics and what drew him to applications for improving the environment. He shares with us how inspirational his parents were and how his desire to build things moved him to be a founder. Jeff talks about his fundraising efforts and the growth of his company. We are grateful to Jeff for also sharing with us some hardships and how the company tackled them.

“It depends on what you're good at. My magic is finding opportunity. And again, the reason we got here was finding out what people value and giving it to them, and finding creative ways to do that.” - Jeff Anderson

Today on Startups for Good we cover:

  • Science risk vs. tech risk
  • Compelling investors on the project
  • Maintaining the ownership of the intellectual property
  • Investors as plant-building partners
  • Symbiotic relationships
  • End user cost trends for bioplastics
  • Managing a team with rapid growth
  • Co-CEO/founding with a twin
  • Balancing time between tasks
  • Relying on your executive team

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