Rafi Levi, BSc. Mechanical (Technion, Israel), MSc. N.A.M.E (University of Michigan, USA), has over 35 years of Engineering, project management, business development, and business management experience, in Israel and worldwide.

Rafi joins me today to talk about how much fertilizer is wasted and turns into pollution because farmers don't have the data. The difference between agriculture tech and climate tech and how they can be merged. We discuss doing business in different countries and cultures. We talk about how important it is to be optimistic as a startup founder or employee, and about working with scientific co-founders and how to find early adopters.

“My wife always says, '' You're so optimistic, you never plan for the worst. And I say no, no, I'm so optimistic because I completed planning for the worst. And now I hope for the best. I always plan for the worst.” - Rafi Levi

Today on Startups for Good we cover:

  • Current fertilizer assessment protocols
  • Dots technology
  • Business sweet spots
  • Selecting the right business model
  • Ag tech innovations
  • Distinguishing between science project or company
  • Importance of trusting a partner

Connect with Rafi on LinkedIn and on the Dots website

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